Top 5 Romantic Ideas


- 4 decades ago

I've done the hard work!

Mr Romance has done the hard yards to save you from the pain and heartache and come up with these top 5 ideas!

1: Your First date

Can't think of what to do for a special night??? Guess what, you've already done it. Take her out for a re-enactment of your first date!

2: Fine Dining and Entertainment

Love it. But any night grab a basket full of wine and goodies and head to a river or beach picnic bench... Maybe in time for the sunset.
Hey it's Autumn, take a jacket.

3: Sunday Trip

Get up! Ask your lady to close her eyes and point on the map. That's where you're going. Sunday lunch adventure

4: Surprise her at work!

An oldie but its lasted the distance because its a goodie. What girl doesn't love a bunch arriving at the office!

5: End of a Busy Week?

After you put the kids to bed... Run the bath again! Remove the toys and replace with bath essentials and of course a glass of her favourite wine at hand. Now go away and watch the footy!