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  • April 2011
  • April 5th, 2011 - by Mr Romance
    Roast Lamb complete with hairdresser hair.

    It was the most exhausting week! my third baby was just 6 months old, my other two sons under 3 had gastro and ear infections all week… it was FULL ON!

    My husband had been away in Sydney working, he called me on Thursday night and told me he would be home early and book a hair cut if i could. I did. I got an appt for foils and a cut. He came home at 3 and i went out at 4! I came home at 8… all  the kids were bathed and medicated! The dishes done and the vacuuming and the best thing of all was the amazing smell when I walked in the door of a roast lamb in the the oven!

    I cried… then i sat down with a wine and had the BEST meal in ages! All with hairdresser hair!

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    April 5th, 2011 - by Mr Romance
    Chanel Graffiti

    One morning feeling very shabby from not much sleep and too much work, I drag my weary body in the bathroom and dread the sight of tired skin in the morning sun….. But I look up and laugh, not at the way i look but they message on the mirror.

    In bold red lippy my fiance had written “Darlin’ You’re Hot”

    Ruined my chanel red lippy but Made my day x

    April 4th, 2011 - by Mr Romance
    TBones not-so-cheesy Lasagna

    When TBones wife wanted to know what HE had worked out for dinner – she was held up at work – a simple picture was the reply. Well done TBone… nice move

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    April 4th, 2011 - by Mr Romance
    Keeping romance lightly chilled..

    Maybe not a romantic story – more so an insight or an idea. I was looking after 3 kids while my wife enjoyed the festivities of a weekend away with the girls. Finally after an obvious hectic day by myself I was ready for a cleansing drink , a drink to sat well done you survived and survived well! – baby down and asleep, kids bathed, pyjama-ed well fed and enjoying SHREK for the 14th time – i meandered out side to my oasis that is manland, the shed, the garage – whatever it is you want to call it – to find a well chilled bottle with a bow and big kiss label on it – saying “I Love You; and thanks for having the kids this weekend’.. GOLD

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    April 4th, 2011 - by Mr Romance
    Picasso of Romance

    When I was a younger man with less disposable income I couldn’t afford to flower my girlfriend with flowers (I wasn’t tight, I just didn’t have much money!). So one day I decided to draw a picture of a bunch of flowers for my girlfriend. I took a fresh, white, A4 piece of paper and my little brothers crayons, and drew a colourful bunch of flowers with a hand written message of love on the paper. When I gave the “bunch of flowers” to my girlfriend, her initial reaction was surprise until I explained to her that real flowers die, but my flowers last forever . I won her.

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