Mr Romance - The story


- 4 decades ago

Mr Romance is a place of romantic and special ideas
and stories.

Mr Romance loves and is passionate about unscheduled romance - he doesn't work simply on birthdays and anniversaries and is 'alive' all year round to help you start anew or reinvigorate and refresh new breath into your love life.

He is here to help men (and probably woman) who have forgotten the way or don't know where to start - whether they are single or hitched.

Richard Gere, Fred Astaire, Tommy Top Gun, Mr Clooney, Johnny Depp & Brad (needs no surname) - all seemed to effortlessly glide into the greatest romances we know. They appeared to naturally know the secret language of love and speak it fluently. These smooth operators found the girl, romanced the girl and triumphantly swept the girl off her feet in front of an ecstatic emotional audience of thousands!

But they didn't do it by themselves. Behind these smooth movers and each romance hides an incredibly talented, creative and comedic team. A team who would carefully craft and design every romantic idea, mould every step and meticulously script every heart thumping, tear jerking word!

Romancing your special lady doesn't have to be a Hollywood blockbuster. A simple note, an extra effort, a thoughtful act... there are thousands of ideas... Luckily, someone is here to help you - you don't have to do it all alone!

A Mission of Passion

Mr Romance would like to resurrect the great romances that once were and polish the romantic buried treasure that many hold such fond memories of - whether young or old. He wants to scout the true romancers of today who embark on their own romantic adventures and present their unique stories to the masses - it may be one of their own stories that helps another romancer catch his fair maiden..